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High-efficiency, high-durability thermoelectric device supply

It is a high-efficiency, high-durability, corrosion-resistant thermoelectric device required by each company. As an excellent thermoelectric device for providing various cooling, heating, constant temperature and temperature difference power generation solutions using thermoelectric elements Efficiency of workability, time and cost saving, and optimum performance of existing high-priced equipment And, It is a stable product because it maintains strength when it is corroded or screwed. It is suitable for excellent durability and precise temperature control.

Thermoelectric performance tester

Recently, in order to secure the reliability of various thermoelectric devices, Z value tester for performance analysis, cooling performance tester, power generation performance tester, physical impact tester, We develop and supply Cycling Tester.

Utilizing thermoelectric devices Providing various inspection equipments, development agency and solution

  • Providing semiconductor memory inspection equipment solution : Thermoelectric device and control technique for Dram, nand flash memory tester
  • LCD, mobile phone Glass inspection equipment solution provided Thermoelectric element for cooler, cooling plate and control technique
  • Providing Vacuum Equipment Solutions : Thermoelectric Devices and Control Techniques for Various Vacuum Equipment Coolers
  • Providing bio industry solutions : DNA amplifiers, thermoelectric devices and control techniques for test tube coolers
  • Providing defense equipment solutions : Thermoelectric devices and control techniques for various defense equipment coolers
  • Providing Chiller Solutions : Thermoelectric devices, cooling plates and control techniques for small and industrial semiconductor chillers
  • Providing temperature difference power generation solution : Development and control technique of temperature difference power generation device for various test and mass production

Development and supply of high efficiency heat pipe

  • Heatpipe provides cooling solution : Heatpipe, noiseless cooling system, various heatpipe supply

Development of life-related thermoelectric devices

  • 열전소자를 이용한 생활소품 개발공급( 냉온정수기, 화장품냉장고,냉온메트,쌀냉장고 등 )

Thermoelectric device related education

  • Introduction to thermoelectric devices, lectures and experience experiments